A little deer watching #sol20


I love to watch for deer at M’s house.  Last summer, we put up a trail camera at the edge of the yard and captured so many photos and videos of wildlife.  I especially love the deer, but I do enjoy seeing any of the different animals that are around.

We put up a trail camera in a different place last week.  There’s a tree in the backyard, so we placed it there.  A couple of does had cruised through the yard one evening after supper, so we figured that we’d be able to capture something, although only one ventured close enough to the camera to have her picture taken.  However, two raccoons and a squirrel also stopped long enough to have their pictures recorded.   Squirrels really seem to love having their pictures taken.  Last year, we had dozens of squirrel photos!

On Sunday, we decided to move the camera a little closer to the woods where we’d observed a group of does.  Apparently, the does had really been paying attention to their surroundings.  One doe ventured out and quickly started to cross at the edge of the yard.  There’s a field beyond M’s house with lots of grass and she seemed pretty intent on her destination until she came to the post with the camera.  She literally stopped in her tracks and stared at the camera.  Then, she very cautiously stepped behind the camera, watching it the entire time.  Once she was clear of the camera, she continued on towards the field, where she stopped to graze.  It was as if she knew exactly what was going on and wanted nothing to do with the camera.  I hope that as she continues to cross through the yard, she’ll realize that there is no danger associated with the camera so we can get some photos (I’m hoping that eventually there will be a fawn with her!), but for now, we’ll just enjoy seeing her in person.

2 thoughts on “A little deer watching #sol20

  1. Stacey Shubitz

    The does seem to have trepidation about the camera. Not raccoons. My former neighbor set up a night vision camera to see what was eating the peaches in her several years ago. The raccoons looked as if they were posing for the camera.



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