The grass looks greener…#sol20


My significant other (I still can’t figure out what to call him!) and I went for a walk on Sunday.  There’s a pasture filled with cows across the lane from his house and sometimes, their antics entertain me.  For example, one day recently, several of the calves decided to race us as we drove up the lane.

On Sunday, many of the cows hovered near the fence.  The grass was fresh and green after days of heavy rains.  Some of the calves were venturing away from their mothers and looked at us curiously as we walked down the lane.  The bull gave us a menacing look as we passed by and I was thankful for the fence between us.  But the cow below put a smile on my face and had me reaching for my phone to snap a picture.  I loved how she was so dedicated to getting the grass on the other side of the fence.  She was determined to get those premium bites! However, minutes later, as we neared the fence, she ducked back on her side of the fence and started innocently chomping grass as if she’d never even touched the fence!


5 thoughts on “The grass looks greener…#sol20

  1. Darin Johnston

    Ah, a cow post by someone else! 🙂

    The grass is truly greener on the other side. The beef cows around our place test the electric fence out constantly by bending and contorting to get that next bite.

    Thank you for this slice! 🙂


  2. sallydonnelly11

    I’ve heard that saying about grass many times before. I love how your slice shows it from the cow’s point of view. Your slice also reminds me how much variety the state of VA offers. My walks in Arlington do not include cows! Fun to read about your VA walk.



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