Ten Things Tuesday #sol20

Ten Things Tuesday

1. I participated in a Google Meet with the fourth grade class from my school. It was so nice to see their precious faces! I also loved being able to connect with the classroom teacher and enjoyed listening to her read-aloud.

2. I’m going to participate in another Google Meet this evening with the third graders. I can’t wait to see these kids and their teacher, too! Thank goodness for technology!

3. I’m meeting on Google Meet with one of my Title 1 students and I can’t wait to listen to her read! She’s one who has made so much progress and I enjoy her personality so much!

4. Three deer showed up in my boyfriend’s yard. One particularly seemed to enjoy the fresh green leaves on one of the trees. Soon, the fawns will be born, and I can’t wait! That’s one of my favorite things in the spring!

5. Grilled hamburgers with bacon and cheese are the absolute best. M enjoys cooking, especially on the grill, and I enjoy eating everything that he cooks! His baked beans are pretty awesome, too!

6. I’m looking forward to the first VSRA Virtual Seminar on Thursday. Pernille Ripp is one of the presenters and I always enjoy learning from her. This is the first of three virtual seminars and I know that I’m going to be filling notebooks with ideas!

7. I discovered that some of my best writing time occurs during the news. I think that having something else to focus on other than the news helps. While I do try to stay up on the news, some of our local stations have several hours of news, which can be overwhelming, especially when there’s really nothing else to watch. Writing during this time keeps me from getting sucked in.

8. I’m really glad that I stocked up on pens before having to stay at home. At the time, my pen purchases seemed a little over the top, but now I’m realizing that stocking up on InkJoy and Flair pens was a good idea.

9. Along the same lines, my Mom found some of the blank notebooks that I love at Ollie’s (and they were really cheap, too!) and bought me a stack. I love having all of my tools! Some people stockpiled toilet paper, but I stockpiled writing supplies!

10. Normally M and I send each other good morning texts. Since he’s an early riser (and I am definitely not), he usually texts first. However, I was up at 6:30 this morning and was the first to text!

3 thoughts on “Ten Things Tuesday #sol20

  1. Adrienne

    Number 8 made me laugh. I have some Pentel EnerGels in a range of colors that have languished on my desk for some months. I have rediscovered them and they bring me great joy these days.

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  2. theapplesinmyorchard

    This is quite an upbeat post that made me smile! First, I am so glad you are able to see your students, even though it is just virtually! How nice! Then, your bacon cheeseburger made me laugh – everyone in my house eats those when my husband grills, except for me! I prefer to save the calories for my glass of wine before dinner and eat a plain hamburger! Lastly, the news where we live drives me insane! They don’t always report “news” but rather a lot of human interest stories – which I suppose is news, right now. But, I am glad you found a time to write that uses the news as a distraction – a little bit of news goes a long way! Stay well, my blogging friend!



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