Remembering #sol20


Last Tuesday, I wrote about my “one word of the day” that I’m recording in my writer’s notebook.  Today, as I thought about the word that best described my day, I immediately chose “Remembering.”  Today would have been my Dad’s 83rd birthday and I’ve thought about him throughout the day and all of the birthdays that we spent together.  While it’s been sixteen years since his passing, it still feels like it was just last week.  He was such an incredible dad and every time someone used #girldad in the wake of Kobe Bryant’s death, I always thought of my Dad.  He loved being a #girldad and I always knew how much he loved being my father and how much he loved me.  Happy Birthday, Daddy!

4 thoughts on “Remembering #sol20

  1. Amanda Potts

    Mmm… I love that a modern hashtag links you to your father even though he passed before hashtags were a thing. Your teaser said your word caused some tears today; I hope that it also brought some joy.


  2. macrush53

    I like the idea of annew.word.per day. I wonder what my dad would have thought of #girldad. I hope he it. I know he’d have a smart comment about it. Remembering parents is important.


  3. barbara suter

    I am envious of the fact that you had such a wonderful relationship with your dad. I never knew my natural father. At age 60 when I first learned he was my biological father and wrote to him, he wanted nothing to do with me. Isn’t it interesting how your word of the day, Remembering, can be so joyful for you and not so joyful for someone else. Still, I am happy for you that you have such sweet memories.



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