Reflecting #sol19


This morning, we had the first of two performances of our holiday program at school.  Since I have a part in the program, I’ve been consumed with trying to remember my lines and the blocking while not fussing with my costume and headset microphone.  Instead, I’ve tried to focus on the beautiful singing voices of our third, fourth, and fifth graders and the show’s message that we need to enjoy the holidays and not get caught up in all of the static that prevents us from savoring all of the special moments of the season.   It’s so easy to fret about finding the perfect gift and spending a lot of money when the best gift is spending time with friends and family.  I want to focus on being with the people I love and not the material aspects of the holiday.  I want to cherish sitting beside the Christmas tree and reminiscing about past holidays.  I want to laugh and eat my Mom’s famous sugar cookies (carbs will not be counted).  I want to try to assemble a gingerbread house that doesn’t look like it needs to be condemned.  I want to be all in during this holiday!

2 thoughts on “Reflecting #sol19

  1. Tracy Vogelgesang

    I love the picture that you paint with your words, Jen! This makes me feel the love of family, taste the deliciousness of homemade sugar cookies, and delight in the sights and sounds of the season. Thank you for reminding me of what’s important. It’s hard to see that in the chaos that leads up to the holiday.


  2. sallydonnelly11

    Your piece has a lovely comparison between the hectic frenzy of a season vs the inner peace of a season. I liked this phrase: “not get caught up in all of the static”. I predict you will enjoy the rest of this month because you took time to reflect and name exactly what you want. Enjoy!!



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