Don’t They Know It’s Almost Thanksgiving? #sol19


I was riding down a country road when a couple of turkeys emerged from the brush on the side of the road.  They didn’t seem too concerned about the car following them down the road, nor did they seem inclined to change their course so that we could pass through.  As they meandered down the lane, I jokingly wondered aloud if they had any clue that Thanksgiving was near and that they were on the menu.  I also thought of the book Turkey Trouble.  Maybe they’ve already planned out their disguises to avoid being Thanksgiving dinner!


3 thoughts on “Don’t They Know It’s Almost Thanksgiving? #sol19

  1. Betsy Hubbard

    Where I am from we see wildlife quite frequently but seeing wild turkeys still always amazes me. I crane my neck for as long as I can if I happen to be driving by. They are just so interesting! I loved your funny thoughts and as Stacey said, picture book?



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