A special hashbrown casserole #sol19


My significant other is an amazing, thoughtful person.  I could write blog post after blog post of all of the sweet, considerate things that he does every day.  For example, he often cooks dinner for us and always pays such close attention to my favorite things and always finds a way for those things to end up on the menu.  Recently, he fixed one of my favorite foods, hashbrown casserole.  Not only was the casserole amazing (I don’t want to confess just how much I ate at one sitting), but the thought behind it made my heart smile.

We planned to watch the final NASCAR race of the season together and decided that we’d fix something to eat while we watched the race.  When M went grocery shopping, he picked up steaks and salad and since he knew my love for hashbrown casserole, he researched recipes and found a list of ingredients for hashbrown casserole.  M is quite the chef, who cooks everything from the most delectable venison to fabulous homemade potato soup, so I knew that the hashbrown casserole would be phenomenal.  I enjoyed watching him assemble the casserole and how carefully he concentrated on following each step of the recipe.  He measured and mixed and soon the casserole was ready for the oven.    In fact, during its entire time in the oven, I was worse than a little child on a road trip asking “Are we there, yet?” because I kept asking, “Is it ready, yet?” Each time, M patiently reminded me of the amount of time left to cook.  I almost couldn’t focus on the race (which wasn’t all that exciting) because I was counting down the minutes until it was ready.

When the hashbrown casserole was finally ready, my mouth watered at the sight of all of the cheesy goodness.  I had to stop myself from taking a spoon and eating straight from the pan.  The steak and salad were delicious, too, but the hashbrown casserole was simply amazing and I know that it had an extra ingredient that made it even more special!


1 thought on “A special hashbrown casserole #sol19

  1. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski

    I am so happy for you that you have such a thoughtful, caring partner who is also a great chef! It is so important to feel cared for and appreciated. This was a happy, heart-warming slice to read tonight.



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