No dressing, please #sol19

I have never liked salad dressing. I’ve tried different types of salad dressings before, but I just never acquired a taste for it. I always tell people that I like to enjoy all of the components of a salad without them being doused in dressing.

When I order salads at restaurants, many waiters look at me as if I’m a strange creature when I say that I don’t need dressing. I ran into the same kind of situation today. During district PD, we were able to order our lunches from a local restaurant. I’ve had their chef salad before, so I selected that. On the order form, I indicated no dressing, so I figured all would be fine.

However, when my salad was delivered today, two small cups of ranch dressing were tucked into the box. The person who delivered the salads said that the folks at the restaurant weren’t sure about the dressing, so they went ahead and included it. I briefly wondered if they included ranch because that’s their most popular choice or if they figured they’d just cover themselves and pop any kind of dressing into the box. Apparently they couldn’t grasp that someone didn’t want dressing on a salad. After all these years, I shouldn’t have been surprised.

3 thoughts on “No dressing, please #sol19

  1. Grace Hilsmier (@GraceHilsmier)

    Same!!! There is one local coffee shop that makes a great dressing that is mostly garlic and vinegar that I like. All other salads, I eat plain. I think people like to think of it as a weird way to cut calories, too, instead of just being an actual preference.


  2. Tracy Vogelgesang

    I can definitely eat salad without dressing! When I do use dressing, I usually just stick the tip of my fork into the dressing and then stick it into a bite of salad. Eating salad like that gets a few strange looks. By the way, we missed you this evening!



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