The Things Kids Say #sol19


I love recording the funny things that my students say over the course of the day and today was no different.  I think that the best comment came from a second grader during the guided reading portion of the lesson.  We had already completed the word study and fluency components and were ready to begin a new book.  When I said, “We have a new book to read,” M looked at me and said, “Are you serious?” While the words were funny, it was M’s tone of voice that was so priceless.  Even though he’s worked with me for a year now, he honestly seemed surprised that we had yet another book to read.  I had to smother a grin and continue on with the lesson.

1 thought on “The Things Kids Say #sol19

  1. writingandlaughing

    That’s so funny! Thanks for the insight into your day with your second graders. I also love recording my students’ words and reactions. I have a little book that I keep at my desk… it’s an amazing tool for a little pick-me-up when some laughter is what’s needed in a day!



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