Drive-thru Dog #sol19


I was sitting in the line at Cook Out, trying to decide which flavor of shake I wanted when I noticed this dog in front of me.  We have a lot of bear dogs in my county, so it’s not unusual to see kennels on the backs of trucks with one or more dogs.  This fellow, though, captured my attention and made a long wait in the drive thru a bit more entertaining, especially when he saw his reflection in a side window just to the left of us.  He started barking, a low, deep bark, until the truck finally inched forward. Then, he started watching me. As the smell of cooking hamburgers wafted through the air, I felt as though he was letting me know that he’d enjoy a nice, juicy burger, too. By the time the I finally picked up my order, I was starting to feel guilty andI was ready to hand over my meal to this dog!







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