A Lesson Learned #sol19


I spent some time outside yesterday doing some chores in the backyard.  I removed a bracelet and rings before working outside, but didn’t think about my necklace.  It’s a small silver medallion with my initials.  The medallion is made so that it is open in the spaces between my initials.  I’ve worn it ever since my birthday last month and have gotten so used to wearing the necklace so it didn’t occur to me to take it off.

I worked outside for about an hour or so and got a lot accomplished.  After I went back inside the house, I didn’t really think about my time in the sun until later in the evening when I looked in the mirror and I noticed something that surprised me.  My scalp and my nose were both a little pink, but then when I looked down, everything was pink except for a a perfect pale circle where my necklace had rested.

So, I learned a lesson from my time in the sun yesterday.  Always, always, always take off any necklaces unless you want some interesting tan lines!

4 thoughts on “A Lesson Learned #sol19

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  2. Amanda Potts

    It’s the season of interesting tan lines. Glad you got some time outside & some vitamin D. And you got a bonus: an interesting story to tell when you’re out and about for the next few days – or maybe a good reason to go back and get some more sun!



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