Do I Have Too Many Books? #sol19


Last weekend, I had my first real vacation in years.  This trip was not tied to any conference, workshop, or other PD experience.  It was three days when I could do whatever I wanted and was not limited by schedules or anything and it was wonderful!

I love history, so I spent some time exploring historical spots such as Mount Vernon and the battlefield at Manassas.  During my tours, I found time to explore the gift shops and immediately focused on books.  However, as I scoped out the different titles, I noticed that many of the titles were already in my Kindle or on my bookshelves at home.  I mumbled “Got it, Got it,  Got it, Read it, Read it,” over and over.  At the last gift shop, I finally asked myself if I had too many books.  After a brief moment of consideration, I laughed at myself for even asking that question.  Of course I don’t have too many books! What a ridiculous question! In fact, I discovered a book about Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, and Dolley Madison that I can’t wait to dig in to!

book cover

9 thoughts on “Do I Have Too Many Books? #sol19

  1. Sonia Jaffe Robbins

    You do exactly what I do when traveling, stopping at bookstores and adding to your knowledge. But sad to say, it is possible to have too many physical books. Three shelves on one of my bookcases collapsed last month because too many books were piled on each one. I’ve been sadly culling and giving away, but that didn’t keep me from buying more books last week on vacation at the Grand Canyon. The book you picked up looks very interesting. I will try to find it at the library.

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  2. sallydonnelly11

    Glad you got some R&R and came to visit in my neighborhood! Love Mt. Vernon!!
    And NEVER can we have too many books (as I just bought and packed 15 boxes from Staples to move to my new school next year).
    Thomas Jefferson who said, “I cannot live without books” is proud of us!

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  3. Morna Gersho

    I agree with Wondering and Wondering! I think in this day and age having books throughout the house is a solid signpost of literacy. My father was an English professor and I grew up with hundreds of books in just about every room. Perhaps, I’m a little biased?

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