Hello there! #sol19


I was reminded of the following format when reading Elisabeth Ellington’s slice today.  Elisabeth’s slice was inspired by Aggie Kesler.

I am now officially on spring break! There are books to read and words to write over the next week!

I keep digging through this March challenge.  Some days have been harder than others.  Some days have been easy when the words have jumped onto the page.  But that’s what I love about this challenge.  No two days are ever the same.

I wish that I’d straightened up my classroom before I left school today.  Maybe I’ll slip down to school one day and organize things before we start back.

I love my new bullet journal.  This is my first month using a bullet journal and I can’t imagine not keeping it close.

I dance only when I have to.  It’s not a pretty sight!

I sing only when I have to and if nobody’s around.

I think that this format is harder than I remember or anticipated when I started writing.  I really had to stop and think long and hard about how to finish some of these statements.

I really hope that my Wahoos make it through the Elite Eight in the NCAA tournament.  I stayed up late last night to watch their game with Oregon and there were some moments that had me worried.

I need to be better about watching my carb intake.  I was doing well, but it’s been challenging recently.  I discovered Shirley’s Gourmet Popcorn (a friend has a store in Harrisonburg) and haven’t found a flavor combination yet that I don’t love.  The mint chocolate chip is amazing!

I should have walked on the treadmill for a full thirty minutes today.  While I walked for almost twenty minutes, I really needed to walk longer.  I’ve been “cheating” a lot recently.

I can be quiet and shy until you get to know me. 

I like to crunch the ice in my water and tea.  I don’t like ice on the rare occasions when I have a soft drink, but any other time I’ll be crunching ice.

I make a mess when I attempt to cook.  I think that’s why I hate to cook.  I know that the mess is not going to be worth whatever I prepare.

I always have my notebook and pens ready in my purse.  I never know when I might need to write something down.  While I love technology and use digital tools a lot, I’ve rediscovered the power of a notebook and pen.

8 thoughts on “Hello there! #sol19

  1. Tracy Vogelgesang

    I read Elizabeth’s slice today, too. Hello there! is a great format. I enjoyed reading your slice, and I would love to know what bullet journal you use. I started bullet journaling last year and love it. I don’t use it exactly as it was created, but the overall concept fits me.

    Enjoy your Spring Break! I hope you get lots of reading and writing done!


  2. Trina Haase

    I read Elisabeth’s slice too and was wondering about using the format! I enjoyed reading your list. I always have notebooks and pens in my purse too!



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