“I know it’s here somewhere!” #sol19


I have a special group of fifth graders who I am really going to miss next year.  The kids in this group remind me every day of why I decided to be a reading specialist and watching their growth, particularly this year, has been such a delight.  I’ve also enjoyed them because they are a group with incredible creativity and problem-solving skills.

Today, I gave a spelling “quick check” for progress monitoring purposes.  Word study has been a focus with these kids and I’ve been so pleased about their growth this year.  I couldn’t wait to complete the quick check to celebrate with them.

I pulled the list of words from our sorts and included a number of transfer words to make sure that they could apply the targeted features to other, new words.  When I got to the last word, I used my last name, “Floyd,” since words with “oy” were included in those sorts.

As soon as the word “Floyd” left my mouth, D immediately began to scan the room.  At first I assumed he was searching for the word study anchor chart that addressed that feature.  He muttered, “I know it’s here somewhere!” J, the other student in the group, piped up and said, “It’s outside the door.” My name is posted outside of the door and I expected D to go check that, but he didn’t.  Instead, he continued to look around the room.  He wasn’t even looking in the vicinity of the anchor chart, which surprised me.  Finally, he found what he was looking for, but it wasn’t the anchor chart.  Instead, he zoomed in on the desk plaque that my Mom had made for me when I received my doctorate.  He looked over at it, then turned back to his paper.  He checked what he wrote with what was on the plaque before handing me his paper.

“I knew it was here!” he announced and I had to grin.  I love how he figured out the resource that he needed to be successful.  I’m also impressed that he was able to find something connected to my very messy teacher’s desk!

9 thoughts on ““I know it’s here somewhere!” #sol19

  1. mshubb1104

    I love this! What a resourceful student! Seems like a wonderful bunch that you’ve really connected with and that you’ve created a very positive learning environment!

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