Liquid Fertilizer #sol19


The drive to school was beautiful this morning.  The sunrise was brilliant with orange and pink splashed across the eastern sky.  The air was crisp, but not frigid and I was reminded that spring is finally here!

Then, I pulled into the parking lot at school and opened the car door.  A smell assaulted my nose and I was tempted to hop back into the car.  The fields surrounding the school had been sprayed with liquid fertilizer and the smell was intense! I tried to hold my breath as I grabbed my purse and bag and hurried up the sidewalk to the door.  I breathed a literal sigh of relief after slipping through the door.

I remember the first time I was exposed to liquid fertilizer at school.  I had morning car duty at the time and tried not to gag at the smell.  Then, every time I opened a car door for a student, it seemed as though all of the car’s inhabitants gave me strange looks as if I was the one responsible for the smell.  I remember hastily mentioning the liquid fertilizer on the surrounding fields, attempting to explain the powerful odor, and while I’m sure most people understood what was going on, it was, as one of my students likes to say, “awkward!”

At least I don’t have car duty this morning! By the time I have afternoon car duty at 3:00, I hope that the smell will be less powerful.  But if it’s not, I may need to turn my turtleneck into a mask and be prepared for the strange looks!

8 thoughts on “Liquid Fertilizer #sol19

  1. Tracy Vogelgesang

    Jen, your post makes me laugh out loud. I have to tell you a story. My husband used to manage a hog farm years ago. We had a neighbor who asked that he give her fair warning when he planned to spread liquid fertilizer so she would keep her windows closed. She would also let him know when she planned to have cookouts, etc., so he would schedule his days to spread well before or after her planned social events. Of course, he wanted to respect her wishes as we had a good relationship with all of our neighbors, and he wanted to keep it that way. Not to mention, I kept my own windows shut during spreading days! Bleh!

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  2. Wondering and Wandering

    Ewwwwww! But seriously, that was hilarious! All I could picture was my Kindergarteners all sitting on the rug in front of me and what they do and say when one of them passes a little wind. Thank you for sharing this very special moment with us! 😉

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