Invitation To A Party #sol19


I hit a bit of a road block when I sat down to write my slice today.  I visited Christie Wyman’s wonderful Padlet of writing ideas and was reminded of a party invitation slice from  Leigh Anne Eck.  Basically, you identify five items that you would bring to a slicer party and it allows slicers to get to know each other.  Even though we’re more than halfway through the challenge, I love any opportunity to get to know other slicers.

Favorite book: I’ve spent a lot of time with Tanny McGregor’s book, Ink and Ideas.  At first, I was intimidated by sketchnoting, but I’ve realized that it’s not about a perfect product, but instead should reflect my thinking.  I would love to share my thoughts about sketchnoting with my fellow slicers.

Favorite person: My Mom because she has always supported my writing and believes that I will one day be a published author.  Her support means the world to me and I know that she would encourage my fellow teacher-writers.  Plus, she’d keep us well-fed with her amazing desserts that range from chocolate chip cookies and brownies to Oreo truffles and the most amazing trifles.

Favorite food or beverage: Chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven! That’s one of Mom’s specialities and there’s nothing better than a hot, ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie!

Favorite song: This one really stumped me at first.  Finally, I thought about a song that I heard on the radio recently and how the lyrics spoke to me.  It’s a song by Christian artist Mallary Hope titled “Me.” I also love the lyrics of her song, “Now.” 

Surprise: I discovered Rocketbook notebooks completely by accident when I was Christmas shopping on Amazon.  I love this reusable notebook and found that I wrote more in it than in my regular notebooks.  I also love that I can scan the pages and send them to Google Drive before I erase them and start again.  I would give everyone at the party their own Rocketbook and a selection of Frixon pens (which you have to use with the Rocketbook).

Will you join me at our virtual party? What will you bring?

11 thoughts on “Invitation To A Party #sol19

  1. TammyB

    I am so excited you are hosting a party this year!
    The favorite book I would bring is Natalie Goldberg’s memoir book for us all to use. My favorite person is my husband. He is a really great cook too so he would insist on bringing something delicious for us all to share too. Favorite beverage I would bring some sparkling water because it always seems fancy. Then I would also bring a bottle of cabernet sauvignon for those of us who would like a glass.
    I have a lot of favorite songs but I think for a party I would play the Chelsey Dagger song that the Blackhawks play for their goal song! I love it and it is super peppy.
    The surprise I would bring is a little gift bag with notecards and some colorful pens for everyone. The notecards would have your initials on them and be wrapped in a ribbon!
    Thanks for inviting me! It is so fun to get together.

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  2. paulabourque

    Favorite book-it’s like picking my favorite child! CAN’T DO IT!!!! Gaaaahhhh! I’d bring my hubby and a ice cold IPA in a frosty mug. I’d bring somes oldies songs: Logical Song from Supertramp and South Central Rain from R.E.M. My surprise would probably be notebooks and pens as well, I give away a lot of those!!

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  3. Erin Vogler

    I love this post as well! I think I’ll also be tucking this idea away for a remaining slice, and maybe a quick write with my students! I would definitely bring a blackberry pie, fresh from the oven, made with my grandma’s from-scratch crust recipe!

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  4. Tracy Vogelgesang

    What fun! I can’t choose just one favorite book, my favorite person is my husband, favorite food is my mom’s cheesy spaghetti, favorite song is Mercy Me’s I Can Only Imagine, and favorite surprise would be lovely journals and fine pens.

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  5. Darin Johnston

    I will need to come back to this post, because there’s so much to think about inside it! I would say my favorite person is my wife with my favorite song being “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. I cannot get enough of that song because the message is so upbeat! 🙂 Of course, it changes every other day, but right now, I’m happy!

    Thank you for inviting me to your party!

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