“I missed you.” #sol19


Although I had a great time at #VSRA19, I missed my students and couldn’t wait to see them today.  I looked forward to sharing my experiences meeting beloved authors and all of the things that I learned.  I also couldn’t wait to show pictures and answer their questions.  I was so excited to tell my fifth graders about meeting Josh Funk (they’re some of his biggest fans) and Katherine Applegate (they loved Roscoe Riley’s antics when they were younger) and Kate Messner (Ranger in Time!!!) and all of the other amazing authors at the conference.

When I went to the first grade classroom to pick up M at 10:00, he made a beeline to the door and hugged me, saying, “I missed you!” During our entire walk down the hallway, M repeated over and over how glad he was to see me and how much he’d missed me while I was at the conference.  I was afraid that I was going to start bawling in the middle of the hallway as I listened to him.  Thankfully, by the time we were settled at the horseshoe-shaped table in my classroom, I had composed myself to begin our lesson.


5 thoughts on ““I missed you.” #sol19

  1. shellymkeller

    I met Peter Reynolds at KSLA conference in October and was the same way with my excitement to share with my Kindergarteners! Such heartwarming moment for you! Always nice to hear those words from our students!

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