A missed opportunity #sol19


This morning, I sat in my car, fussing at myself for not remembering to start the car so that it could warm up before heading to school.  I can remotely start my car with the My Chevrolet app, so it’s not like this task is hard to do.  As a result, it was positively arctic in the car as I waited for the thick layer of frost to disappear from the windshield.  I fiddled with the volume on the radio and scrolled through emails on my phone as I shivered.  

Finally, my windshield was clear enough and I started backing out of the driveway.  Suddenly, I slammed on the brakes and mentally smacked myself as I realized that I had missed a golden opportunity to slice about the intricate patterns on frost on my windshield.  The designs of frost that had obscured my view were beautiful and I wished that I had taken a picture of the patterns and shared the artistry.  Instead of reading email, I could have drafted the post on my phone while I waited and it would have been a fun post to create and share! 

5 thoughts on “A missed opportunity #sol19

  1. mshubb1104

    Thank you for sharing! It’s so easy to get caught up in day to day life and not to stop and smell the roses if you will. Don’t kick yourself too much because your post inspired me to pause and take note of small things around me.

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  2. Tracy Vogelgesang

    Great slice, Jennifer! It is so easy to miss those opportunities. While you may or may not have another opportunity to capture the frost, perhaps you will be able to snap spring flowers, etc. as you prepare for your daily trek to work.

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  3. Elisabeth Ellington

    Such a great point here about how we sometimes miss the beauty and opportunity right in front of us! One thing I love about the slice challenge is that it reminds me to be a little more present and look for those golden moments or images that might become slices!

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