Holding on to the words #sol19


I started a slice for today, but as the words flowed onto the page, I realized that I wasn’t ready to share them.  I started thinking about this piece while driving and almost stopped in a parking lot to record my thoughts.  I wasn’t too far from home, so I tried to hold on to the ideas popping around in my brain until I pulled up in my driveway.  Once I had shifted into park, I grabbed my phone, opened a new blog post, and started to record my words.  I sat there for a few minutes before I was assured that the idea wasn’t going to disappear.

I sat down later to write more and as I did, I realized that I wasn’t ready to share the words.  My emotions were still a little raw and the post revealed more than I wanted to share. I might never share that post and that’s okay. Getting the words out and making sense of things mattered the most.

5 thoughts on “Holding on to the words #sol19

  1. Jen Driggers

    I couldn’t agree more with getting the words out. Sometimes the paper (or digital platform) listens the best. Thanks for sharing this experience – its a good reminder to keep writing but only share what you’re ready to share.


  2. Veronica

    I so embrace this. And what you’ve expressed is exactly what I encourage my students. For a lot of them, they’ve not have the experience of writing something only for themselves, forever.

    Right now, I live in OppositeLand because I’ve lived in a world of shame and lies and I need to read the truth on paper (monitor). It’s a justice thing for me.

    Thank you for this, thought. I think we’re going to practice the exercise of writing for the hidden self in the next couple of weeks..and I’ll bring in a shredder! I always applaud you!

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