Since Last March #sol19


Christie Wyman’s Padlet of slicing ideas also inspired today’s post.  You can visit Christie’s blog here and you can access her Padlet here.  The post that I used as a mentor text originates from

Since last March…

I traveled to Texas and Florida. Both trips were for conferences, but I managed to find time to explore both places. I enjoyed exploring Austin and spending time with some of my VSRA friends. I also had so much fun in Orlando. I loved the opportunity to share the conference experience in Florida with my principal and appreciated this time with her.  We presented a session together and I enjoyed the opportunity to learn with her at the other sessions. We also had a blast at Disney World following the conference sessions! 

Since last March…

I’ve lost about thirty pounds and my A1C dropped nearly a full point. Currently, I’m having to work to keep my healthier habits, so I need to remember those accomplishments when times get tough.  

Since last March…

I started participating in the Time to Write workshop offered by Jennifer Laffin through Teach Write.  I’d gotten mired in a writing rut and so many drafts of pieces were started but never completed.  I’d started to question myself as a writer and needed the support provided by the workshop.  I also enjoy connecting with the other teacher-writers in the workshop and can’t imagine Wednesday nights without it!

Since last March…

I discovered that I have arthritic knees that will one day require replacement.  I have gotten to know anti-inflammatory medications on a first-name basis. I’ve had to pay more attention to how my knees are positioned when I’m sitting at a table or desk.

Since last March…

I’ve headed into the homestretch as the chair for for 2019 Virginia State Reading Association’s annual conference, which will be held from March 14-16. This journey has taught me so many things and I can’t wait to see the 1300+ other educators in Norfolk!


8 thoughts on “Since Last March #sol19

  1. carwilc

    Sounds like it has been a really busy year. I was the chair of my state’s (Colorado) conference a few years ago. It really was an amazing experience, to see all of the pieces that we had been working on for two years fall into place. I know yours will be wonderful too!

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  2. Leigh Anne Eck

    You have had a productive year! I am hoping to get into one of Jennifer’s writing sessions. With basketball season, I was afraid to commit! Congrats on that weight loss and healthier lifestyle – that’s one that I need to work on!


  3. mrssurridge

    Those are all amazing accomplishments! Good for you. But the health accomplishment is the biggest and I’m certain those knees are thanking you. **Am so jealous you get to attend your state reading conference.



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