Five Things I’d Like To Do More Often #sol19


Today’s slice was inspired by Elisabeth Ellington’s blog, The Dirigible Plum.  I discovered her post about the five things that she’d like to do more often through the incredible SOL padlet with SOL writing ideas and links created by Christie Wyman (her blog is at Wondering and Wandering).  

Elizabeth wrote about things that she wanted to do.  These things were not things that she should do or needed to do, but things that she enjoyed.  She asked herself, “what would I like to add to my life to bring more pleasure and joy?” Elsie at elsie tries writing inspired Elisabeth’s post.  I recommend also checking out her list!

During a time when I have a lot on my plate, I need to remember to include those things that I enjoy in addition to all of the things on my to-do list.  So, I created a list of five things that I want to do more often.

1. Go for long drives in the country.  I live in a rural area and there are so many country roads to explore.  I love to hop in my car and explore.  Even though I’ve lived in this area my whole life, there are places I’ve never ventured.

2. Connect with an old friend I rarely see.  While we both teach in the same district, it seems as though we only connect during district-wide events.  At these events, we often pledge to meet for dinner one evening, but that hasn’t happened in a long time.  I actually can’t remember when we were last able to catch up.  We’ve fallen into the trap of always being too busy.  Friendships matter and need to be cultivated.

3. Listen to music more.  I used to listen to music a lot when working in my home office, but I’ve noticed that I haven’t accessed my playlist in a while.  I also used to listen to music a lot in the car and I’m not sure why that changed.

4. Complement others more.  While I try to do this a lot with my students, I don’t think this is something that I do enough for other adults.  Whether it’s a colleague doing great things in his or her classroom, a family member, a friend, or even a stranger, I need to be conscious that we all need to hear positive words about our efforts.

5. Take time to look at my surroundings.  How often do I just sit and observe? How often do I notice what’s around me? I used to pay attention to the beauty of my surroundings on my drive to and from work, but anymore, I seem to have tunnel vision and am intent only on arriving at my destination.

I have a plan of the things that I want to do.  Now I need to implement that plan and stick to it!

13 thoughts on “Five Things I’d Like To Do More Often #sol19

  1. TammyB

    I plan to do this list sometime this month as well!
    Great list. My word for this year is #CONNECT. It has been powerful so far and it is only March 1!


  2. Elisabeth Ellington

    Oh wow, Jennifer, I was just blogging about how I love the way a seed planted in one person’s blog post leads another writer to inspiration, and then I click to visit your post and find one of my own old posts inspiring yours! Thank you! (I also need to check out that padlet!) You’ve created such a wonderful list of things you could do to inspire more joy in your life. You’ve reminded me to pay more attention on my own commute to work. I have been leaving early and driving in the dark, and I find I am really missing morning sunrise over the prairie. I am also going to think more on your commitment to compliment more. I need to do that as well and wonder how I could be more intentional and actually follow through. Looking forward to reading your slices this month!

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  3. WOWilkinson

    I love lists! Thanks for sharing yours. I like that you included questions, like “Why don’t I do that?” I hope you’ll be able to check some of these off your list soon.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. glenda funk

    The overarching theme of your list suggests a focus on improving your quality of life. As a lover of country drives, I get the attraction. I, too, need to focus more on complimenting other adults. I do a pretty good job w/ students, but there’s always room for improvement. I too took inspiration for my list from a member of the SOL community.

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  5. Tracy V

    Hi, Jennifer! Thank you for sharing your list. I can relate to each one of your points. I could add a #6 to your list. I just commented on a post that I miss writing handwritten letters to relatives and friends who live out of state. Your list has me thinking about how I can reinstate some of these things into my own life. 🙂

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  6. elsie

    I love the way slicer’s inspire one another, but yet put their own spin on the inspiration. Thanks for including me. Your list seems to have a lot of slow-life-down moments. I hope you can follow through.

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  7. Leigh Anne Eck

    I love how posts inspire others – that is one of the things I value about this challenge. Your list has a lingering quality about it, something I think we all could do more of.

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  8. Veronica

    Jennifer, you struck a chord with #4 – I miss adult discourse in the hallway, simple, brief & heartfelt. Too many times, my excuse is I’ve got a lot on my plate and that people will understand.

    Thanks for the opportunity to reflect



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