Aren’t You Pre-diabetic? #sol19


I was enjoying one of those miniature Hershey’s bars in between groups.  It was a teeny-tiny piece of chocolate and I was savoring each teeny-tiny little bite.  In reality, I could have gulped down the whole piece with one bite, but I wanted to enjoy the taste of chocolate.  As a diabetic, I have to be conscious of what I consume, but my blood sugar was a little low, so I pulled a piece of candy from my purse.

I was mid-bite when M, one of my fifth graders, popped through the door.  I tried to swallow the chocolate quickly in order to greet her.  M’s eyes zeroed in on the little Hershey’s wrapper that I clutched in my hand.

“Aren’t you pre-diabetic?” she asked, still looking at the candy wrapper.  I finally swallowed that last bite of chocolate.  I dropped the wrapper into the trash can before I answered.

“I am diabetic,” I said.  She and I’d had conversations about diabetes before and I wasn’t surprised that she remembered.  I did, however, feel as though our roles had been reversed and she was getting ready to chide me for eating chocolate.

“Why are you eating chocolate?” M asked.  I explained about my blood sugar.  She didn’t seem entirely convinced and I wondered briefly if I was going to have to show her the reading on my meter.  She seemed to think about it for a few moments, nodded, and sat down at the table, ready for our lesson.

4 thoughts on “Aren’t You Pre-diabetic? #sol19

  1. mbhmaine

    I appreciate the openness of your communication with your student. It says a lot that she was able to raise her concern and, as Christie noted, it’s so nice to know that she was thinking of your health and well-being.

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  2. Grace Hilsmier (@GraceHilsmier)

    I think a lot of adults would have gotten defensive about that question. Good for you for having such a good relationship with that kid! The things they latch onto are so funny. I’m in my 20s, and last week a kid told me to bend with my knees because he was worried I was going to throw my back out!

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