It’s Not Jeans Day! #sol19


I have a fifth grader who I am going to miss when he “graduates” to the sixth grade at the end of the year.  One of the things that I really appreciate about him is that he pays attention to things.  He really doesn’t miss much, if anything, and Thursday was no different.

Thursday was one of those incredibly frigid days when the wind chills were hovering around zero.  My principal told us on Wednesday that we could wear jeans on Thursday.  Normally, with a donation, we can wear jeans on Fridays and I gladly pay the price for the comfort of a pair of jeans.  So, I wore my brand-new and incredibly warm Virginia Cavaliers sweatshirt and jeans on Thursday.  However, when this student, D, walked into my classroom and looked at me closely, he immediately announced, “It’s not jeans day!”

Now, my students are used to my unfamiliarity with the date.  They typically have to remind me to change the date on my whiteboard, so I’m sure that D figured that I’d gotten mixed up.  I almost hated to tell him that teachers had a free jeans day, but I explained why I wore jeans on a day other than Friday.  He then piped up and said, “but they’re not that warm!” even though he was wearing jeans.  I had to work hard to smother a grin as I started our regular lesson. 

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