Thinking like a character #sol18


My principal I recently presented a session a conference held at Disney World and had the opportunity to spend some time at the different parks.  My principal is a seasoned Disney visitor, so I felt as though I had my own personal tour guide.  She knew so many ins-and-outs and made sure that I had a phenomenal Disney experience!

One afternoon, we spent some time at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and we did the Kilimanjaro Safari.  While we enjoyed the ride and snapped a lot of photos of some amazing animals, one thought caught me off guard.  As we paused because several animals had camped out in the middle of the road ahead of us, I found myself thinking of a character from a book.  This particular character is a zoologist and for some reason, I found myself considering what this character would think about this experience.  How would this character critique the experience? What would he think about the presentation of the animals? I could imagine this particular character giving monologues describing each animal like he often did in the books.  I could envision this character taking the microphone away from the tour guide and giving his own tour.

I snapped back to reality as we began to bounce over the trail again.  I must really be a book nerd to think about a book character in the middle of a Disney ride!








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