Six word stories #sol18


This morning, I decided to work on some six word stories for something a little different.  I sat at my desk and thought about my morning and how I could incorporate my experiences into some six word stories.

Eyes like sandpaper. Exhausted. Yawning. TIRED.

Calculating carefully, ignoring the gas gauge.

Early morning fog envelops the countryside.

School: Laughing students learning collaborating growing.

Post It Notes losing their stickiness.

Too many books? Not in here!

Blank notebook page waits for words.

Slow internet derails my morning routine.


7 thoughts on “Six word stories #sol18

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  2. theapplesinmyorchard

    These are a cool idea…one I could see working with young writer’s on creating. They might encourage careful word choice like writing haiku. Short but powerful. I’ll have to try it. Thanks for sharing the idea and your work. I like the one about fog enveloping the countryside.


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