Currently, I am…

Listening to…The Morning Drive on Sirius XM NASCAR Channel 90.  I love listening to these guys in the morning and they always seem to make me laugh.

Eating…There are cupcakes in the office and I am trying to forget that there are cupcakes in the office.  My classroom is across from the office. Just a few steps…willpower, don’t fail me now!

Drinking…my “half-cut” iced tea.  I’m trying to reduce the amount of sugar that I consume and to do that, I had to examine my sweet tea habit.  My nutritionist suggested drinking half-and-half. When I order a tea like this, the folks at McDonald’s call it “half-cut.” So far, it’s been an okay alternative.

Thinking about…what I need to accomplish during this workday.  My room is nearly ready, but I have some odds-and-ends to take care of and paperwork is calling my name.  However, I’m feeling pretty good about my readiness for the new year!

Reading…Actually re-reading Preventing Misguided Reading by Jan Burkins and Melody Croft.  I love the messages in this text and with a new school year, wanted a refresher.

Wearing…my tennis shoes that are ready to be replaced by a new pair.  However, I’m picky about shoes and dread having to go shoe shopping.

Thankful for…my principal and how she always makes our beginning-of-the-year faculty meeting such a positive, invigorating experience.  This time together always gets our year off to a great start!


9 thoughts on “Currently…#sol18

  1. Dana Murphy

    I love this format. I’ve seen it before, but I’ve never tried it. I’m wondering about using it this year with my 5th graders actually.

    I love what you wrote about your principal. That’s amazing, and something to be cherished for sure. I hope you have a great school year!

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  2. mrspalmerponders

    This format is so inviting! Thanks for sharing. I felt like I was right alongside you on your journey today. “Wearing…my tennis shoes that are ready to be replaced by a new pair. However, I’m picky about shoes and dread having to go shoe shopping.” Isn’t shoe shopping so hard? I, too, dread finding the next best pair! Best wishes for a fantastic school year!

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  4. Elisabeth Ellington

    Thanks for the inspiration to do a Currently slice this morning. Haven’t done one of these in a long time and forgot how fun they are. I hear you on the tennis shoes–I buy the exact same shoe, over and over again, because it’s the only one that feels good. Good luck avoiding those cupcakes! We often have donuts in the staff room, which I find very easy to resist, but on the rare occasions when there are cupcakes… well, I have no will power when it comes to cake.

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  5. humbleswede

    Thanks for the inspiration (for me and for other slicers who I read before yours). I’m going to try this. I am dealing with the same shoe issue. I have the best pair of cross trainers I’ve ever owned,but they are getting to retirement age. Sigh. When I do my “Currently,” I have a feeling I’m going to have a “Worrying about” section or maybe even a “Stewing about.” I know Woody Allen is not a good role model, but there are aspects of his personality that we share. Others, thankfully, not so much.

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    1. wahooteacher Post author

      I think that a “worrying about” or “stewing about” part of a Currently post is a great idea! One of the things that I love most about that type of post is the flexibility. I’ve had my 3-5 students do Currently posts and they included things that they worried about and it was some of the most powerful writing that I’d seen from them. I hope that you do write a Currently post!

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  6. mbhmaine

    Currently slices are great and I usually tuck one in during the March challenge. I really like how the structure is the same yet the resulting pieces vary so much from writer to writer. I guess there’s a fair amount of latitude within the form. Have a great school year and good luck with the shoe search!



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