Yum! #sol18

Today’s slice is doing double-duty. My post today is based on the Teachers Write mini-lesson, but I thought that it could also work for #sol18. I tried to link to the mini-lesson, which involves keeping a food journal, but I’m not having success with that. I’m also writing this in the airport on my way home from ILA, so hopefully I’ll be able to provide a link once I return home.

On my last night in Austin, I decided that I wanted a good steak dinner. I combed the web for recommendations and finally settled in the Austin Land and Cattle Company. I plugged the directions into my GPS and was on my way!

The restaurant was dimly lit and I navigated the space carefully. I’m not the most graceful person and I didn’t want to end up sprawled out on someone else’s table. As I reviewed the menu, my mouth began to water at the descriptions. I hadn’t eaten all day, so I decided to add an appetizer to my order.

While I waited, I dove into the bread basket. The bread was fresh from the oven and so hot that I dropped it into the bread plate. I scooped up a pat of golden butter and smeared it on the bread. The butter immediately melted into a river of gold. I tentatively picked up the bread and took a bite. The flavors exploded on my tongue. The sweet butter and the hearty bread wash perfect combination.

I think I inhaled that first piece of bread, so I reminded myself that this meal was a marathon and not a sprint, so I needed to slow down, take my time, and just enjoy the experience. The waiter delivered my appetizer and for the moment, I pushed the bread basket aside.

Whole mushrooms were battered and served with a chipotle sauce. There was just a bit of crispiness from the batter before your teeth sank into the soft mushroom. The batter seemed simple and enhanced the flavor of the mushroom without overpowering it. I devoured several mushrooms (there were more than 10!) before I reminded myself again that I hadn’t even made it to the main course. I sipped some of the tea, crunching pieces of ice. My eyes wandered back to the bread basket, but I didn’t reach for it.

The steak sizzled on the plate. Perfect grill marks criss-crossed the steak. I cut off the first bite and tasted that flavor that only comes from a charcoal fire. The steak was tender and juicy and I kept my napkin close by to catch any stray drips.

The French fries were crispy, but not overcooked. A little shake of salt and a puddle of ketchup emphasized their flavor. I alternated bites of steak with the fries and I occasionally paused for a bite of bread.

I lingered over the meal, savoring each bite. Finally, I could eat no more. I pushed back from the table, stuffed but happy. Dessert was out of the question!

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