The Escalator #sol18


After my weekend of VSRA meetings, I stopped off at Barnes and Noble. This Barnes and Noble has two stories connected by an escalator. I wanted to visit the children’s section on the top floor, so I hopped on the escalator. Escalators have always made me nervous, so I try to be very careful when navigating one. For one thing, I’m kind of klutzy, so I have to really watch my step. I also worry about getting a shoe string or something caught and being dragged by an escalator. However, my quick trip to the second floor didn’t involve any problems and soon I was browsing the shelves and planning my purchases.

I eventually meandered out of the children’s section and explored a bargain table when I heard a very stressed out voice coming from the vicinity of the down escalator. I glanced over to see a young boy, no more than seven or eight, if I had to guess, glued to floor in front of the escalator. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he cried to an adult (I’m guessing his mother) at the bottom of the escalator. He cried out for help and begged for someone to come and get him. The person at the bottom continued to encourage the boy to step onto the escalator, but the boy was terrified. Finally, after several minutes, a man (I’m assuming his father) appeared from the direction of the children’s section, picked up the boy, and carried him down the escalator. I didn’t see the boy when I returned to the first floor and I hoped that he was okay after the experience.

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