Thinking about the day #sol18


Today has been one of those days where there’s just not enough space in the block for the day on my calendar.  However, as I started to wind down this evening, I thought about all of the good things about the day.  We checked off one more SOL test at school.  The garden that we’re creating in the courtyard at school in honor of our custodian is coming together beautifully.  I plugged through a mound of end-of-the-year paperwork, which has reduced a lot of stress.  Then, after school, I served on a committee that awarded a scholarship to a very deserving high school senior.  Following that meeting, I headed down the interstate to another meeting.  Several months ago, one of my friends invited me to a Delta Kappa Gamma meeting as a prospective member and this evening, I was inducted as a member and I’m excited about this opportunity to connect with other educators.

The trip home this evening was pleasant.  Traveling on this stretch of Interstate 81 can be pretty intense and I often think that traveling on 81 must be like racing at Talladega.  However, this evening, the traffic was light and nobody did anything crazy.  The weather also cooperated and although the skies looked threatening, storms never materialized.  I soon pulled into my driveway, ready for the comforts of my favorite recliner.  The day has been full, but with the kind of fullness that puts a smile on your face.


6 thoughts on “Thinking about the day #sol18

  1. carwilc

    Reading this slice puts a smile on my face! You seem to have moved through a really busy day with gratefulness, which I think makes all the difference.


  2. Stacey Shubitz

    First, congratulations on your induction!

    Second, I can relate to I-81 traffic. I drive on that highway (up in PA, of course) every day. Did you know it’s the largest trucking route in the country? I’ll tell you, it still unnerves me a bit, but I’ve become more confident driving with the big rigs.

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  3. Darin Johnston

    >Traveling on this stretch of Interstate 81 can be pretty intense and I often think that traveling on 81 must be like racing at Talladega.<

    There are some days, I miss this kind of traffic. We lived in central Missouri, between Kansas City and St. Louis which is on I-90. On a good day, this interstate was fun to drive, but on a bad day, it was a freakin' nightmare! Now, a traffic jam is a tractor with three cars behind it. It's all in our perspective, I suppose! 🙂

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