I would rather…#sol18


Today’s post was inspired by two fellow slicers, Dani (you can check out her post here)  and Fran (you can check out her post here).  


I would rather…                                                    instead of…

stay up late                                                               rising early

take pictures                                                            having my picture taken

read children’s literature                                      than a lot of books marketed for adults

drink sweet tea                                                       just about any other drink

be in the driver’s seat                                            the passenger’s seat

watch the Hallmark channel                               watching most of the other channels on TV

enjoy family game nights                                     going out

eat my Mom’s chocolate chip cookies               anything store-bought

cheer for UVa                                                         cheering for another college team       

watch NASCAR races                                            than many other sports




12 thoughts on “I would rather…#sol18

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  2. Darin Johnston

    This is a great format for next year (or maybe a day where I’m struggling!). I’ve enjoyed finding out a little more about you and what you’d rather do (even if it is Nascar!). 🙂

    Thank you for this great slice!

    Liked by 2 people


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