My first Cabbage Patch Kid #sol18


Paula Bourque (Litcoachlady) inspired today’s post (you can check out her post here). Paula wrote about Mrs. Beasley and her words took me on a trip down memory lane as I thought about my first Cabbage Patch Kid.

When I was seven, the Cabbage Patch craze was going strong. I remember watching the news and seeing people fighting in toy aisles as they tried to grab the last dolls on the shelves. I really wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid, but knew the odds were slim. The local Rose’s was really only the department store that we had back then and they couldn’t keep the dolls on their shelves (this was a long time before Wal-Mart).

I remember trying to be patient, but when you’re seven, that can be difficult. However, I was in for a huge surprise! My dad worked with a lady who also worked at the local Rose’s store and she kept an eye on incoming shipments of Cabbage Patch Kids.  When the store received a batch of the dolls, she got one for me.  I think it was January or February when my parents presented me with the doll, although it felt like Christmas when I opened that box and saw my doll for the first time.  She had blond hair and blue eyes and the name on her birth certificate was Teena Joy and she was perfect!  For a long time, she was my constant companion, going just about everywhere with me.  I ended up adding other Cabbage Patch Kids to my “doll family,” including a set of twins, but Teena Joy was always extra-special.

Thank you Paula, for reminding me of a special toy.  I may have to go dig around in the attic to find Teena Joy now!

4 thoughts on “My first Cabbage Patch Kid #sol18

  1. Elana Waugh

    I remember my first cabbage patch kid. I remember my mom fighting over it with another lady at the local Kmart. I still have it to this day.

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  2. Michelle @litlearningzone

    I, too, remember my first Cabbage Patch Kid. That Christmas my mom made me one. Yep. She probably couldn’t get her hands on the real deal, so she made me a doll. It wasn’t the same, but I still have her! Then the next year I received an official Cabbage Patch Kid – Abigail Grace who had red hair and freckles! Thanks for sharing!

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