A New License Plate Game #sol18

I have always been fascinated by personalized license plates. I think my fascination stems from wondering about the stories behind the plates. Some plates are pretty obvious (Floss4U, MKN HAY, I Canoo) while others leave me wanting more of the story.

For example, one day I saw a plate with I Madeit. I wondered about this-did the person driving the car accomplish something special? Did this accomplishment happen after a lot of effort? What’s the story?

Another plate, XNYCGAL, also made me wonder about the story behind the plate. What led this person to leave NYC? Was the change for a good opportunity or did the person wish that she could have remained in NYC?

So instead of playing the “old” license plate game, I started playing a new version where I imagine the stories behind the six or seven letters provided on these plates. It’s a great exercise when faced with writer’s block! And, who knows, maybe you’ll get an idea for a story that will take off in ways that you never expected!


6 thoughts on “A New License Plate Game #sol18

  1. theapplesinmyorchard

    Once again, I love your post and can connect to it. First, I love license plate games, too! It doesn’t matter how old my boys get, if we are on an extended car ride, we will start noting all various places we can on the license plates. Of course, we’ve never gotten to all 50 states and even if we did, there’s the Canadian provinces, too! My dad has collected plates and at one time had over 3,000 of them. Enough said. Now I’ll have to write a post on this! Thanks for the inspiration!

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  2. Tim Gels

    I also love looking at and figuring out license plates. It’s only been within the last few years that we’ve had personalized plates on our cars (personalization comes free when you buy Alabama’s environmental plate). It’s been a challenge to decide just what message we want to share with the world. My favorite is our current: ACT1N2. Lot’s of folks think we’re theater buffs, but actually the plate is all about our two grandkids. Both of them have the initials ACT. Yea…I think my daughter did that on purpose.

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