A great solution or a great excuse? #sol18


I had another snow day today and a book that I wanted to finish.  However, I also had some tasks here at home that I had been putting off for a while, so it seemed like I needed to take advantage of this opportunity.  Should I cross off the items on my to-do list or should I finish the book? Hmm.

I felt the pull of my Kindle more than I felt the pull of my to-do list.  I told myself that I’d read for just a little while and then I’d tackle the list.  I continued to read Endurance, the first book that I’d downloaded and soon was on the International Space Station with Scott Kelly.  I finally surfaced from the book to find something to eat, but was anxious to continue reading even though that to-do list was calling.

As I ate, I came up with a solution to my dilemma.  The books that I’d downloaded were all borrowed from the library, so I had only a limited amount of time to read thembefore the loans ended.  I also thought about the fact that there was a wait list for Endurance.  I waited a long time (it seemed) before the book was available and I knew that there were others who also had this title on their Holds list.   If I went ahead and read the book, then the next person on the list wouldn’t have to wait as long.  It wouldn’t be fair to the people on the list to keep the book any longer than necessary.  If I finished the book now, I could go ahead and return the book the library and the next person could check it out.

So I sat back down in the recliner and picked up my Kindle.  Soon I was immersed in the book, losing all track of time.  It was a great reading day and when I thought about all that I’d read, I was glad that I’d chosen this book.  As I prepared to return the book, I mentally patted myself on the back for returning the book before the due date so that the next person didn’t have to wait as long.

I think that I came up with a great solution that allowed me to finish an incredible book so that others could enjoy it…or did I just come up with a really great excuse for having a day exclusively for reading?

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