Where are my keys? #sol18


My purse is like a black hole.  I never seem to be able to find things in a timely manner, which usually happens when I’m in a rush, just like this morning when I couldn’t find my keys. I had already packed my school bag and I just needed my keys so I could be on my way.  However, the initial exploration of my purse wasn’t successful and I started to panic. I pulled my wallet out of my purse, then my notebook and my packet of cold medicine.  Next came a few random dollar bills and my baggie of InkJoy pens, but no keys.  I glanced around to see if I’d left my keys on the table, but the table was clear.  I dug through my purse again and moved around all of the stuff that I’d already pulled out once.  Nothing.

I stood up, noting the time.  My stress level had risen steadily during my search.  Where could those keys be? Then, as I reached into my pocket for my phone, my fingers closed around my set of keys.  I pulled my hand from my pocket, staring at the keys in disbelief.  I had torn apart my purse not once but twice and the keys had been in my pocket the entire time.  I have no idea when I put the keys in my pocket, but I sure was relieved to find them!

2 thoughts on “Where are my keys? #sol18

  1. Lisa Corbett

    I’ve been there! Have you heard of Tile? It’s a little thing you can put on your keys and then you can use your phone to find them. I need some new ones (they last about a year) but I used it to find my keys an few times, only to discover they were some place ridiculously obvious that I was sure I’d already checked.

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