Joining the Party #sol18


Leigh Anne, who blogs at had a fabulous idea for a slice that is great for those days when inspiration goes into hiding.  Leigh Anne invited all slicers to a virtual party and in her invitation to the party, she includes the items that we plan to bring.  I recommend checking out her original slice here.

A favorite book…I think that since I’ve been rereading Madeleine L’Engle’s books after seeing A Wrinkle In Time, that I’ll bring that book to the party.  I’d love to discuss the book and the movie with my #SOL18 friends.

A favorite person…my dear friend Joan, who is the Speech-Language Pathologist at my school, would be a great addition to the party! She loves talking about books and writing and is just an overall wonderful person to hang out with.

A favorite food or beverage…A dish of my grandmother’s macaroni and cheese when it’s fresh from the oven and the cheese is still bubbling.  This is comfort food at its best!

A favorite song…This stumped me.  I searched my iTunes playlist to see if something particular jumped out at me.  There were a couple of songs that would have made me too emotional at a party, so I scrolled on past them.  Finally, I settled on Brave by Sara Bareilles.  I hope that this isn’t too cliché, but I think that the message of this song fits well with our month of slicing.  It takes a lot to put our words out there and we have to be brave on those days when the words aren’t flowing or we’re questioning the words that are on the page.

A surprise…A camera-I love to take pictures and I know that we’d all want to record our memories of this party!

So, what will you bring to Leigh Anne’s party? I hope to “see” you there!

16 thoughts on “Joining the Party #sol18

  1. Leigh Anne Eck

    Yea! I have not read A Wrinkle In Time, but it sure is getting some buzz thanks to the movie. Mac and cheese is always a great food for a party. And Brave is the perfect song – I wanna see you be brave! Thanks for coming to the party. I will add you to the guest list on my original post.

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  2. mrspalmerponders

    How fun! I also missed this, but love the concept! You seem to have selected a wonderful assortment of items to bring to the party. I can’t help but think of the Morning Meeting activity that has students brainstorm things to bring to a specified party! Sara Bareilles is so talented – “I Choose You” is a favorite song of mine!

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  3. Wondering and Wandering

    I completely forgot to “RSVP” to this invitation and I had put it on my writing ideas Padlet and everything! Thanks for the reminder! I’m re-reading “A Wrinkle in Time” right now before seeing the movie and I could totally devour some of that homemade Mac and Cheese right now. A teaching colleague’s husband makes what looks like insane M&C and she tortures me with it in the lunch room!

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  4. Natasha

    Fun! I’m glad you’re coming to the party! I recently saw A Wrinkle in Time, too, and it would be great fun to talk about it with you. How perfect that you’re going to bring the book so we can look up passages as we refer to them. I love your reason for bringing “Brave”.

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