“Where were you today?”#sol18


“Where were you today?” the second grader asked as he headed to his bus.  I quickly explained that I was at another school giving literacy assessments and then had some testing to do at our school.  I had barely finished my explanation when one of his classmates came up to me and repeated the same question as she gave me a hug.  I explained it again and added, “but I’ll see you on Monday!” before she, too, headed off to the bus.

As a stream of students headed past me to the buses, I listened to a kindergartener in the pick-up line describe a treasure hunt that he went on with his class.  Then, a fourth grader stopped to ask, “I thought that you were absent today! Where were you?” I almost laughed out loud as I repeated my spiel about being at the other school for testing.  The fourth grader said, “you must be tired if you’ve been testing all day!” I nodded and then said again, “but I’ll see you on Monday!”


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