TBAs #sol18


Today’s slice was inspired by Aggie Kesler’s post about TBAs (truths, beauties, and appreciations.  You can check out her slice at here.


  • This snow day is helping me get ahead on several projects.
  • My calendar for the upcoming week looks pretty nice.
  • Sometimes (like today) it’s nice to turn off the television and just relax while listening to my favorite music.
  • Participating in the Slice of Life challenge has made me a better, more consistent writer.  I can’t imagine my writing life without the SOL community.
  • I often get lost in reading other slices.  I love the variety of stories shared by the other slicers!


  • The snow falling outside of my window is beautiful.
  • The sight of a stack of books that are just waiting for me to open their covers is beautiful.
  • The Amazon card that I haven’t redeemed, but will before the evening is over is a beautiful reminder that there are so many books that I haven’t read yet.


  • I appreciate how my new laptop makes everything easier!
  • The glass of tea positioned next to me is something that I always appreciate!
  • The classical channel streaming on the XM satellite radio app always relaxes me.
  • The wonderful projects that the students in my online class submitted-they really put a lot of time and effort into creating their projects and I appreciate the quality of their submissions.  I am going to miss working with these wonderful educators!
  • The cup of InkJoy gel pens beside my computer.  So many pens in so many different colors are ready to record my thoughts and ideas.

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