PD with my kindergarten teacher #sol18


Last Thursday, I presented a PD session for the first and second grade teachers in my district.  Even though I am a shy person, I love presenting because I could talk about literacy all day every day!

While we had great conversations about literacy, one thing made this session even more incredible.  My kindergarten teacher was one of the attendees at this PD session and I hadn’t seen her in years! This year is her first year of teaching in a long time after taking off to raise her children.  I was so glad to see her name on the list of new hires at the beginning of the year because I still have fond memories of that kindergarten year.  My experiences in Mrs. M’s class really made me love school.  One of my favorite memories is of a “recipe book” that we made.  I can still remember each student in the class sitting at a table with her, dictating our favorite recipes from home.  I attempted to replicate my Mom’s recipe for Preacher Cookies, while my best friend shared her Mom’s recipe for tenderloin that took seven hours to cook:) I can still see the centers-the kitchen set was one of my favorites then, even though I now avoid the kitchen as much as possible!

So, it was a little surreal thinking about my kindergarten teacher having to sit and listen to me present on teaching reading.  However, I was so glad that I was able to chat with her during the break.  I had the opportunity to tell her how happy I was that she returned to the classroom and to tell her how much my time in her classroom meant to me.

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