Four Years-Four Things About Me #sol18


I’ve often found inspiration from LeAnn, who blogs at  Her March 1st post, which you can check out here, inspired my slice today.

This is my fourth year participating the SOL March challenge.  I successfully completed the challenge in my first year, but in the second year, I was working on a tight timeline for my dissertation, so my posts were more sporadic.  However, last year, I blogged every day during the month of March, and my goal is to do the same this year.  Since this is my fourth year, I’m going to share four facts about me.

  1. The NASCAR channel (XM 90) is what I listen to the most when I’m in my car.  There have been times when I’ve sat in the car to catch the last bit of an interview or commentary.  I particularly love The Morning Drive, which starts at 7:00 in the morning, just as I’m driving to school.  There have been times when I’ve burst out laughing on my drive and have probably gotten some strange looks from other drivers!
  2. My first car was a 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (I got the car in 1992). It was blue and silver, but the clear coat started peeling and the blue transitioned into purple, so I dubbed it the “Barneymobile.” The radio on the car wasn’t the best. For the first few months, I could only access the AM radio until I discovered that if you jiggled the button that switched between the AM and FM channels just right, then it all worked.
  3. My favorite reading spot is my grandfather’s recliner.  After a busy day, I love to curl up in this recliner with my Kindle.   He was house-bound for a long time, so I have many memories of him sitting in that chair when we spent time together.  We watched golf together, lots of news shows together, and shared many conversations while he sat in that chair, so it means a lot to me.
  4. I am seriously addicted to InkJoy gel pens.  Every time I go to Sam’s Club, I pick up the 13-pack so that I’m never without my favorite pens.  My students have picked up my InkJoy habit, so that whenever I put one down, they pick them up to use.  One of my fifth grade boys, in particular, likes to use these pens and I’ve found them to motivate him to write.


17 thoughts on “Four Years-Four Things About Me #sol18

  1. elsie

    Thanks for the shout out. 🙂 I want more facts, you’ve just scratched the surface of sharing interesting tidbits. Had to laugh at your first car, now that’s a classic.I guess I need to try the Ink Joy pens, several others have mentioned them.

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  2. Leigh Anne Eck

    My very first brand new car (not used) was a Cutlass Supreme! I loved it! And I love those gel pens! I think you could probably call it an obsession!

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  3. Elana Waugh

    Isn’t it funny how we can be inspired by people we have never met? You have inspired me and I think I will write two things about me tomorrow since this is my second year participating in the SOL challenge. A few of my students told me this morning they were inspired by a post I shared with them on Wednesday and they modeled their first post after it.

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  4. theapplesinmyorchard

    Hmmmm! I’ll have to get me some of those pens! LOL. You have been an inspiration to me during this entire first year of blogging which followed my first year of SOL (2017). I always enjoy your posts and feel connected to you through what you write and that fabulous school you work at. Looking forward to being able to read you everyday this month!

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  5. Elisabeth Ellington

    I love the bit about the Inkjoy pens. I have my own pen obsessions too. I brought a special pack of gel pens to the first day of my developmental writing course, and the boys surprised me by becoming quite enamoured of gel pens too! I really like the four things list, though I too wish it were longer because this was a very entertaining post.

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  6. Veronica

    What a great post — catalogue-ing yourself to commemorate your 4 years with the SOLC .. Huh!

    I will do the same. I just looooove what we do here. I think I could be on here aall day reading and commenting on everyone’s blog. I’d getting “worse” for me every year, me, just wanting to connect.

    I’ll be following your blog — you have such a welcome voice. Feels like home here, thank you!

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    1. wahooteacher Post author

      I haven’t done much sketchnoting, but I really want to. Thank you for sharing the link because I think that I need that resource to help me make progress😊


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  9. Darin Johnston

    Hmmmm….four things for four years? I could see this kind of slice taking hold! 🙂 My first car, a1985 Nissan Stanza, was a 5 speed that was an odd sort of gray (pink my wife says), but it’s amazing how we hold on to certain things like that. It wasn’t pretty, wasn’t stylish (it had four doors), but it was mine, and that’s all that mattered.

    Thanks for your memory provoking slice! 🙂



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