“You must have been younger” #sol18


I hate appearing in photographs, so I usually try to be behind the camera instead of in front of the camera.  However, I had to have my picture taken for my school badge.  While it’s not a horrible picture, it’s certainly not one of my best.  When I wear my badge,  the lanyard holding it usually gets twisted during the day, so the picture is not always visible.  I typically encourage the lanyard to stay twisted:)

Today, however, the picture on my badge was visible when I worked with a third grader. D noticed the picture on my badge and he said, “You look different in that picture.” I nodded, thinking that he had noticed that my hair was a lot shorter in the picture.  However, D continued, saying, “You must have been younger!”  I had to stifle a laugh as I nodded in agreement with him.  I casually flipped the badge around and wondered if it was time to have an updated picture taken.

3 thoughts on ““You must have been younger” #sol18

  1. Keisha Rembert

    Kids say the darnest things:) What is it about those school pictures that inspire dread? I know the feeling! (Also, your post encourages me to write about the small things that make me smile!)

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  2. Karen Filewych

    Leave it to a student to say what’s on his mind without any thought of censoring for etiquette!
    By the way, I, too, hate pictures of myself – especially those darn school photos. I have been known to shred the complimentary package of pictures the company provides to teachers!

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  3. mrspalmerponders

    You made me chuckle! The school badge is so stressful! For the first time this year, we had pictures taken on the very first day we reported back to school prior to the students. Since it’s a big preparation day, I don’t typically put much effort into my appearance. Luckily, I read the fine print and at least was sporting a colorful tee! I can’t say the same for some of my colleagues, though. Two actually shared a shirt to take the photos! Now I know how my daughter feels when picture day rolls around each year! Wear your badge with pride – old or new picture!

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