Presents Day #sol18


I wrapped up my lesson with my kindergarten group and then they lined up at the door.  Usually, they’re in a hurry to line up because when they leave my classroom, they go directly to the cafeteria for lunch.  G is always ready to line up for lunch.  Like me, she’s ready to eat at 11:00  However, yesterday, she didn’t line up as quickly or enthusiastically.  Instead, she seemed to hesitate before lining up.  She looked at me and asked “What are you going to give us?” I wasn’t sure if I heard her correctly, so I asked her to repeat her question and I realized that I had heard her correctly, but I couldn’t figure out why she was asking that question.  Valentine’s Day was last week and I had some treats for them when the left my classroom, so I wondered if G was thinking about that.

G must have noticed my confusion and decided to provide an explanation for me.  Very patiently, she said, “It’s Presents Day, so you’re supposed to give us something.” As soon as she said “Presents Day,” I had to stifle the urge to smile.  Stifling the urge, I tried to give a brief explanation about “President’s Day,” but based on the expression on her face, I don’t think that she was satisfied with my response.  Before she followed the other students into the hall, she glanced at my desk one last time (usually I have a basket with their treats on my desk) before resigning herself to the fact that she wasn’t getting a present after all.

4 thoughts on “Presents Day #sol18

    1. Melanie Meehan

      I LOVE this post! I hope that one day you write a book and this is one of the openings for a chapter. It’s the perfect lead in for a chapter on what you think they should know and what they really know.


  1. theapplesinmyorchard

    I love how transparent kids can be based on what they think! I agree with the two previous posters about keeping a log and writing down all these comments kids make to you over the course of your time with them. It will be a precious reminder of your time with them AND probably very marketable too!



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