My First Paint Night #sol18


I love my school family and feel so blessed to work with a group of educators who not only are passionate about teaching children, but who are fun to be around.  We don’t simply co-exist from 7:30-3:30, but stay connected after the end of the school day.  It’s common for group texts in the evenings that become full-fledged conversations completely unrelated to school.

We also spend time outside of school participating in different activities.  Once, we went bowling in a nearby town (our town hasn’t had a bowling alley for years).  We’ve gone tubing at Wintergreen.  We’ve gathered for meals at our favorite restaurants and hosted celebrations at our homes.  These folks aren’t just my colleagues, but they are also my friends.

Recently, someone suggested that we get together for a paint night.  Now, I have little, if any artistic ability.  I struggle to draw stick people and I can’t produce a straight line even with a ruler.  However, since I enjoy hanging out with my school family and knew that they wouldn’t judge me, I signed up.  We gathered at M’s house for appetizers (fried pickles wrapped in bacon are pretty awesome), fellowship, and art.  While we missed a few people due to colds and the flu, we had a wonderful time laughing together and making memories.  While my final product was pretty shaky, that was okay because the evening wasn’t really about creating something perfect. It was about the relationships with each person in the room.  I can’t wait until our next adventure!

paint night

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