We all love InkJoy pens #sol17

I love InkJoy pens. I have them stashed in my purse, my school bag, on my desk at home, and on my horseshoe-shaped table at school. I have every color that’s available, from bright yellow to red to purple and green. I use the pens in my writer’s notebook, when jotting notes in my lesson plans, and basically anything that requires a written message.

My students have noticed my InkJoy pens and somehow, those pens ended up in the cups that hold a variety of writing utensils that are available to them in my classroom. While I don’t mind sharing my favorite pens, I’m not sure how quite so many pens made it into the cups. I suppose that as I put a pen down, someone picks it up.

So I had to smile when my fifth graders were drafting poems today because each child had selected an InkJoy pen (the colors all varied) to scribe their words. I can’t imagine a better tool to use when writing!

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