Seven Days of Pictures-#sol17


Recently, I saw posts circulating on Facebook where people were invited to post seven black-and-white photographs from their life over the course of seven days.  While the posts specified that people should not be included in the photographs, I couldn’t resist and broke the “rule” for one picture.  The “rules” also suggested not providing an explanation for the pictures.

I thought that I’d incorporate this idea into today’s slice because I’ve been looking for a way to stimulate my writing and to find some ideas to fill the pages of my notebook.  I spent time reviewing lots of pictures and thinking about the stories behind each one.  Sometimes the memories were wonderful and sometimes they brought tears to my eyes.  Other times, I laughed out loud.  Choosing just seven pictures from the thousands of pictures that I’ve stockpiled on my computer was challenging, but finally I found a group to share and I can already imagine developing each picture into a piece of writing.











4 thoughts on “Seven Days of Pictures-#sol17

  1. theapplesinmyorchard

    I just completed the seven days of Black and White pictures from my life FB posting yesterday. It was a fun thing to participate in. After day three, however, I stopped adding a person to challenge. I just felt like I did not want to ask someone to do this, if they really did not want to. I guess I could have asked, and then they just would not have done it. But, it was fun seeing what people chose to post. I like what you chose….each photo makes me wonder about the story behind it. I guess that is the whole point! Right?


  2. Patricia Palmer

    I enjoyed seeing the diversity of images you selected for your challenge. There are stories everywhere! When you sit down to reflect on each image, I would imagine that you will be filled with multiple story ideas depending on the perspective/lens you choose to use. Enjoy the new writing material – looks like your plan worked!

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