Ten Things Tuesday #sol17


Ten Things Tuesday 

10.  I love to listen to XM Channel 90, the NASCAR channel.  I especially enjoy The Morning Drive, which is aired during my morning commute to school.  Sometimes I laugh out loud and probably get some strange looks from other drivers:)  There have been days that I’ve pulled into a parking space at school and sat there for several minutes listening to the program.  Unfortunately, I was running late today and couldn’t enjoy those few extra minutes.

9.  Speaking of my love of NASCAR, I’m still trying to get over the fact that my favorite driver, Chase Elliott, was so close to winning on Sunday.  The end of the race was difficult to watch, but at least there are a few more races left in the season.

8. I’ve spent a lot of time going through all of the photos on my phone and computer.  I love to snap pictures with my phone, but often forget to back them up.  As a result, my phone gets clogged with pictures and I get a message that my phone is almost full.  While at first this message was annoying, it at least forces me to back up the pictures on my computer.  I often find myself stopping to review all of the pictures and thinking about all of memories captured in them.  Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, and sometimes I just remember the wonderful times captured in the images.

7. As I reviewed my pictures, I had to chuckle at the ones I took with a selfie stick.  For some reason, I haven’t mastered the ability to use the selfie stick.  The pictures are either lopsided or I haven’t gotten everyone in the frame.  I guess this means I need to take more pictures so that I can get better using the selfie stick!

6. The Scholastic Book Fair is going on at my school, so I know that my wallet is going to be a lot lighter by the end of the week! I always look forward to this time because my students usually recommend books for our classroom library.  I love this opportunity for them to get their hands on new books, to flip through them, and read the blurbs on the back.    One of my fourth graders came into my classroom with two sheets of paper that included titles that he wanted to buy while a classmate shared the titles that he’d already purchased.  I love being able to talk about buying books with my kids!

5. The sniffles have invaded my classroom.  We’ve used more tissues in the past two days than we probably have in the past two weeks.  Thank goodness I have a stockpile of tissues, Clorox Wipes, and sanitizer because I think that we are going to need it!

4. The leaves are finally beginning to change on the tree just outside of my window at school.  The leaves at the top of the tree are now tinged with red, which is probably my favorite color of leaves.

3. A student gave me a Starburst this afternoon and it reminded me of eating the candies on the school bus many years ago.  I particularly remembered the day when I chewed a Starburst and it pulled out one of my last loose baby teeth.  That was a powerful piece of candy!

2. I have to laugh at how my students have also developed an appreciation for InkJoy pens.  I cannot put down an InkJoy pen without someone claiming it almost as soon as it touches the table.  It doesn’t matter the color—someone will find something that they need to write with the pen.

1. Even though it’s Halloween, my students have been focused and hard working! I know that they’re excited about dressing up and trick-or-treating, but they’ve put forth great effort today.

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