Falling back on an old standby-#sol17


I’m in Norfolk for a VSRA board meeting, so for today’s slice, I decided to revisit a favorite prompt of mine.

Currently I am…

listening to…the air conditioner.  The hallway is pretty quiet.  Occasionally I hear a door close, but other than that, the noises are few and far between.

watching…a show on the Food Network-I love to watch other people cook!

drinking…Pepsi, which is not my favorite drink.  However, Pepsi products are only available at this hotel.  I miss my Coca-Cola and sweet tea!

eating…nothing, although I’m eyeballing the chocolate popcorn that I bought last night at a cute little shop near the hotel.  So far, I haven’t touched that bag of popcorn (yet)!

needing to…finish a conference proposal

thinking about…dinner

wanting to…finish the conference proposal

feeling…invigorated after the day with my VSRA friends

missing…Coca-Cola and sweet tea

anticipating…that the restaurant where we’re having dinner has either Coca-Cola or sweet tea!


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