Random writing ideas #sol17



Having too many ideas to write about today doesn’t sound like a problem, but as I sat at my desk with drafts on multiple topics, I realized that trying to corral some of these ideas into written form just wasn’t working.  I started several posts only to discover that they either needed a little more time marinate or were only of interest to me.  For example, I started to write about the geese crossing a major highway in a nearby town.  This sight was enough to make me stop my car to watch, but not enough to warrant a full blog post.

Then, like a dog chasing a squirrel, I chased onto another topic.  This time, I began drafting a piece about waiting for books on hold at the library.  I have a hard time being patient with the holds list and for books that I’m really looking forward to reading, I typically check the Overdrive app on my phone multiple times during the day.  However, that post was kind of bland and really didn’t go anywhere interesting.

My next topic focused on a book that I’m reading called The Founding Foodies.  This is actually a book that I had forgotten about, as I had purchased it a long time ago.  However, it somehow ended up in a bag in my office, where it waited nearly nine months for me to remember it.  The author of this book examined the Founding Fathers and their influence on food and drink.  The recipes included are fascinating and I’ve enjoyed the lens through which the author considers the Founding Fathers.  Maybe I need to wait until I’ve finished the book to be able to do it justice in a blog post.  I have a start here, but it’s not quite there…at least not yet.

So, three very different ideas are here.  Two should probably stay within the pages of my writing notebook while the third may just need the gift of time.  As I read over this post, which at first felt like a mishmash of ideas, I realize that this process helped me figure out what I want to write about next.




4 thoughts on “Random writing ideas #sol17

  1. theapplesinmyorchard

    Reminds me of my own post today, how I had too many things to write about and just jammed them all together. I guess I was more impatient than you and wanted just to get them out on the page. I think time is helpful in rounding out our posts and I should think more about that in the future! Thanks!


  2. mbhmaine

    Writing is such a process, isn’t it!? As I read your post, I could totally relate. I also thought that this part of the process is so important to share with children–idea selection, ideas that don’t quite work, false starts, the importance of letting some writing sit and germinate, etc. thanks for sharing and for sparking some thoughts for me!

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