Training students in the art of pen selection-#sol17


Today I realized that I have trained my kids well…in the selection of the best pen for the job!

Like many of my fellow slicers, I love Papermate’s InkJoy gel pens.  I love the way the pens glide over the paper and all of the bright colors that are available.  I have stockpiled InkJoy gel pens-they’re in my purse, on my desk at home, on my desk at school, on the horseshoe-shaped table where I work with students.  These pens are basically everywhere and I’ve discovered that whenever I leave InkJoy pens unattended on the table for any length of time, my kids seize the opportunity to use them on their assignments and projects, even when the caddy is full of pencils, Sharpies, highlighters, and other (lesser quality) pens.  Yesterday, during my fourth grade group, one of my students spied a green InkJoy pen on the table.  “Are you using that?” she asked politely.  When I shook my head, a smile spread over her face as she claimed the pen and happily started writing.  Moments later, I noticed that one of the boys had commandeered a blue InkJoy pen and was also working intently on his paper.  As I picked up my own InkJoy pen to make a note, I realized that in addition to teaching reading, writing, and spelling, I also taught my students about choosing the best writing tool for the task.



11 thoughts on “Training students in the art of pen selection-#sol17

  1. Lisa Corbett

    Love it! I always let my students use pen, and other people are always coming in and stopping them..insisting they find a pencil. I would like to ban pencils from my writing class!

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