Writer’s block-#sol17





Writer’s block.  Those two words have taken over my blog and my writer’s notebook today.  I started a blog post about attending my first minor-league baseball game on Saturday, but I just couldn’t find the right words to describe this wonderful experience.  I tried to write about the game on three different occasions before finally giving myself permission to table the idea for another time.

Then I thought about writing about teacher appreciation week, but again, the words dried up before they even hit the page.  I considered writing about my unexpected day off when school was closed on Friday due to flooding throughout the county.  However, that didn’t work either.  So today’s post is brief and doesn’t have any real substance other than allowing me to get words onto the page.  Mission accomplished!


7 thoughts on “Writer’s block-#sol17

  1. Raivenne

    At some point in the March challenge this happened to me. And what did I write about? Not being able to write about anything. As Kathleen said above, you got the words on the page, sometimes that is all you can do – and it counts.

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  2. Ramona

    Some weeks are like that. And we just keep putting words on the page until something happens, our block is lifted, and words fly! Can’t wait for some of the stories you mentioned today.

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  3. theapplesinmyorchard

    I had a little trouble today too, and hence the personal metaphor copy/paste from my class. I have been keeping a running draft list, even if it is just a title of something I know I can refer back to and maybe get me going again. Maybe that might help. Glad you posted your thoughts, however. I would have missed connecting with you today!



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