The Drive to School-#sol17


My route to school involves curvy rural roads. Today was a beautiful, sunny morning and I was enjoying the drive, listening to my favorite morning show on XM.  The guys on The Morning Drive on NASCAR Channel 90 had me laughing out loud, so I was pretty relaxed and ready for the day.

I was probably two miles from school when I saw an animal out of the corner of my right eye.  I slowed to a stop and saw that it was a fox with some small animal clenched in its jaws.  The fox froze briefly, dropped the animal, and then briskly trotted across the road.  I watched it for a moment and then accelerated slowly and continued on to school.

5 thoughts on “The Drive to School-#sol17

  1. Alice Nine

    Your beautiful morning filled my screen when I clicked to your blog. That’s enough beauty to last the week. Well, almost. Sounds like the fox owns the road. 🙂 May tomorrow be extra beautiful.

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